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Add additional coverage options

Online claims for
 late/canceled flights

Extend your coverage with no added costs

Digital travel file

Luggage insurace

Online consultation with medical specialists in Israel

Foreign currency exchange

Comprehensive medical coverage

Business lounge access all over the world

Online refund requests for medical & baggage claims

Want to know how it works?

Easy to use digital platform
for personal travel, too!

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Screen 2.png

Baggage insurance

(At an additional low cost) Coverage in case of delay, and compensation of up to $2500 for lost or stolen luggage – including  laptop/tablet at no extra cost! 

Comprehensive medical coverage

24/7 service for any medical need: injury, illness, surgery, consultation, emergency airlift, and more…

NOTE: includes extreme sports and personal injury at no extra cost

See how GINGER works for you!

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Options for

additional coverage

Tailor your policy to the specific needs of your trip, including coverage for: cancellation /shortening of your stay for medical reasons; damage or loss of cell phone; winter sports; cancellation of rental car insurance deductibles, and more.

Extend your coverage

Plan on adding a few personal days to your trip? No problem – easily extend your coverage for personal travel added onto your business trip, with no added costs

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Business lounge access

Flight delayed for over an hour? Enjoy access to over 1200 business lounges around the world. (Just enter your flight number at least 24 hours before take-off).

On-line consultation with a medical specialist

Feeling ill? 24/7 access to consultation with an Israeli physician before deciding on treatment options.

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Manage claims for late or canceled flights

Flight delayed or cancelled? According to European regulations, you’re entitled to compensation from the airline. With Ginger, you’ll be able to check your eligibility for compensation and submit a claim directly from the app.

Digital travel file

Your passport, airplane tickets, and vouchers – all in one designated file on the app. Upload once and you’re done, with everything accessible on your cellphone.

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Online refund requests

Upload your receipts and relevant documents and reimbursements will appear on your credit card statement within 3 hours.

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Foreign exchange

No need to wait in line. Just use the app to order the foreign currency you need and it will be waiting for you at the Bank Hapoalim airport branch.

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