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The innovative platform for managing health and travel insurance

This is how Hi-Tech gets insured.

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GINGER, A start-up in the field of Insurtech providing an innovative solution for the Hi-Tech sector related to health and travel abroad. Based on a digital platform, allowing control and management by both employer and the employee.

Come what may – we’ve got you covered.

The group health insurance of the hi-tech sector

  • Comprehensive group health policy for the employees and their families

  • Annual subscription for GINGER360- 24/7 service Unique to GINGER

  • "Insurance Roadmap" -mapping the insurance rights in an existing insurance using a wide 360 degree view of the entire insurance coverage Unique to GINGER

  • 24/7 consultation with a physiotherapist or family physician

  • Personal genetically customized nutrition and sports tests (with DayTwo)

  • Maintaining healthy lifestyle- Lectures/Webinars and Monthly Newsletters health and nutrition updates and news

  • Medical Check Up tests ("Seker") taken at the employee's office or home Unique to GINGER

  • Well being and wellness benefits, lectures and webinars for the employee

  • Medical Case Manager -personally accompanying patient from the time a serious illness is discovered, suggesting alternatives for treatment and assistance in exercising rights Unique to GINGER

  • Insurance Portfolio Examination -an online interface that includes an in-depth inspection of the entire portfolio coverage

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Watch the video - Health 

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GINGER - more than travel insurance 

  • Comprehensive medical coverage - Unique to GINGER

  • Online consultation with a medical specialist 24/7 in Israel

  • Free business lounge access - Unique to GINGER

  • Digital travel folders

  • Coverage for trip cancellations, for any reason

  • Online filing of claims for flight delays/cancellations

  • Online refunds for medical or baggage claims

  • Expense reimbursement - Unique to GINGER

Services also available for employees’ personal travel

Watch the video - Travel

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Expense reimbursement interface

  • Innovative digital interface for both employer and employees - no more emails and papers, everything is digital, convenient and simple

  • Comprehensive solution for expenses both in Israel and abroad

  • Approval process-systematic and simple process

  • Easy and friendly user experience

  • Personal “Expense tracker” for the employee

  • Full transparency for the employee

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All your travel needs in one easy-to-use digital platform

  • Manage & monitor company-wide travel and insurance

  • Expense reimbursement in Israel and abroad

  • unique and comprehensive wellness and well-being benefits

  • 24/7 consultation with a physiotherapist or family physician

  • Insurance Portfolio Examination

  • Digital travel folders

  • Free business lounge access worldwide in case of flight delay

Our customers

As an employer who sends employees abroad, I can say that Ginger greatly improved our management of travel insurance. No more Excel sheets or chasing after employees to fill out expense forms. Everything is quick and easy, with automatic statements that are easy to use – and all at a reasonable price. Employees love the platform’s convenience, as it provides a solution for their personal travel needs as well, and I appreciate the great service and streamlining of our system. Highly recommended.

Shimrit Karspilo, Travel coordinator, Bermad

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